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Systematic Submission Series

Learn, drill and apply fight-winning sequences taught by MMA fighter and Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Rodrigo Caporal (Atos HK).

Instead of a mishmash of technique you’ll have to make sense of on your own, our aim is to connect the dots for you.

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We’ll connect the dots for you

Come away with sequences you can drill and apply in your regular training, that will take you from fist bump to finish.

Join the Atos HK champion as he connects the dots for you, with a foundational gameplan that you can adapt to your approach to Jiu-jitsu.



A black belt under Ramon Lemos (also coach to Mendes Bros), Rodrigo Caporal is known for his aggressive top game, vicious wristlocks and MMA submissions.

Competing under the Atos Jiujitsu HQ - San Diego, Ca banner, he will share with us the innovative techniques that the team is known for.

His accolades include:

European Champion
Sao Paulo State Champion
Brazilian National Champion
Six MMA Submission Wins


Field Assembly
39 Carpenter Street
Level 3

1st december

Limited slots available

caporal seminar 3 web.jpg